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Leaders from Panshi Town, Yueqing City visited the Chamber of Commerce enterprises to investigate and guide work

The summer was scorching and the sun was blazing. On the afternoon of June 28, Panshi Town Mayor Chen Xia, Deputy Mayor Jiang Xulun, Economic Development Office Director Gao Chenglong, Statistics Office Deputy Director Wang Yi and other leaders visited the Yueqing Panshi Chamber of Commerce and moved to Yueqing Five enterprises in the development zone conducted visits, investigations and guidance. The Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Xu Binquan, Wu Zundeng, Lin Xinxiong and Jin Fuyan accompanied


First, I visited and exchanged at Yueqing Hongben Electric by Lin Daochu, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce. Lin Daochu, Secretary General, reported to Mayor Chen on the company’s operations in recent years. After learning that Hongben’s performance has grown rapidly in recent years, its customers cover all domestic electric When the car was a first-line brand, all the leaders were very happy, and they encouraged Mr. Lin to be aggressive, steadily and steadily, to be professional and professional, so that the company can be upgraded to the next level.

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Then he visited Yueqing Tiangong Fastener Company. Chairman Xu Qing introduced the company’s development direction and industry status to Mayor Chen Xia in detail. Tiangong has carried out system and flow sorting, refined management, and product upgrades in recent years. , To upgrade external customers, actively explore, and successfully become a qualified supplier of industry giants such as Chint, Delixi, Siemens, ABB, etc., and is currently a leader in the fastener industry in Yueqing. After listening to Xu Dong's report, Chen Zhen fully affirmed Tiangong's achievements in recent years and encouraged continued efforts.

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Then came to the new plant of Yineng Electric. Yineng Electric is a company specializing in the production of automotive connectors. Chairman Ge Xiangyi warmly welcomed and introduced the layout of the new plant, and the company made a detailed report on equipment investment and lean production. Chen Zhen also listened carefully to the report and expressed his admiration for Mr. Ge's huge investment in building a modern intelligent manufacturing enterprise, and at the same time encouraged the company to continue to grow bigger and stronger.

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Meishuo is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of electromagnetic relays, automotive relays, time relays, magnetic latching relays and solid state relays. For a long time, Meishuo has paid great attention to product quality and introduced a number of advanced manufacturing technologies in the industry. And a variety of advanced production equipment. At present, the company’s technical strength, brand reputation and production and sales scale are in the forefront of the industry. The person in charge of the company reported to the mayor Chen on the use of the new plant. In the past two years, Meishuo has been in the field of automation, informatization, and intelligence. The investment in digitalization and digitalization is huge, and good benefits have been achieved. It was approved to establish a “Zhejiang Postdoctoral Workstation”. After listening to the report, Mayor Chen recognized Meishuo very much. He is sincerely happy that Meishuo is a fast-growing enterprise in Yueqing and encourages companies to do , The water valve industry continues to intensively cultivate and achieve better results.

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Finally, I visited Zhucheng Technology. Zhucheng Company was in Zhang Dong, Deputy General Manager Lu Xinjun, and Party Branch Chairman Wang Zhijun accompanied the leaders of Mayor Chen and his party. They visited our company’s mold, stamping and injection molding workshops, and learned about Zhucheng Technology’s intelligence on the spot. The construction of a digitalized factory.

At the symposium, the guests listened to Zhang Dong's report on the company's development history, informatization construction, intelligent manufacturing and future development strategies, and fully affirmed Zhucheng's work and achievements! Mayor Chen said: Zhucheng Technology is an outstanding representative of excellent enterprises in Panshi Town. It has achieved rapid development over the years and is sincerely gratified and happy as a representative of his hometown. At the same time, she introduced the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Panshi Town, and hoped that Zhang Dong and other entrepreneurs from Panshi Town would go home and have a chance to return home to invest and start businesses, renew their good relationship with Panshi, and seek common development!

Zhang Dong once again thanked the leaders of Panshi Town for their strong support for the development of the company, and said that Zhucheng’s achievements today are inseparable from the care and help of all the leaders present. Next, the Pearl City will continue to learn advanced business concepts, Accelerate technological innovation, improve the construction of talent echelon, improve the level of automation and information construction, and continue to make efforts on the road to intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, Pearl City will always be grateful and care about Sangzi to help the development and construction of hometown!

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Finally, on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, President Zhang Jiandao expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders of Panshi Town for their tireless work and visiting and guiding the five companies that the Chamber of Commerce relocated to Yueqing Development Zone during their busy schedule. Thank you leaders for your care and encouragement to the member companies of the Chamber of Commerce, and at the same time express our warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the town leaders for coming!

Post time: Jun-16-2021