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Djd033-2 plug terminal

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color: silver
Male/Female: Female
Produce Size: L:17.3 W: 5.3 H: 0.3 (mm)
Overview of automotive connector industry applications

Automotive connectors are widely used in power systems, body systems, information control systems, security systems, automotive equipment, etc. The types include circular connectors, radio frequency connectors, FCP connectors, I/O connectors, etc.

The automotive sector is the largest market for connectors, and automotive connectors account for 23.70% of the global connector industry. From the perspective of the largest sector of automotive connector applications, new energy vehicles are the biggest bright spot. Constrained by issues such as technology, safety, and standard certification, traditional automotive adapter connectors have always been controlled by foreign high-end companies, and Chinese connector companies have relatively high barriers to enter the traditional automotive field. With the rise of new energy vehicles, China’s connector companies have successfully entered the new energy vehicle industry chain. Chinese brands of new energy vehicles occupy China’s main market, and China’s connector companies such as China Aviation Optoelectronics have successfully supplied Tesla, JAC, BYD and other new energy vehicles.

The automotive industry’s demand for connectors

There are nearly a hundred types of electronic connectors that traditional cars need to use, and the number of connectors used in a single vehicle is about 600, which are mainly used in engine management systems, safety systems, entertainment systems, and so on. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the demand for connectors for new energy vehicles has increased significantly. The value of low-voltage connectors used in traditional fuel vehicles is about 1,000 yuan, while the material cost, shielding, and flame retardant requirements of high-voltage connectors are higher than traditional low-voltage connectors. The value of connectors used in new energy vehicles is much higher than low-voltage connectors. Connector. Among them, the value range of connectors for pure electric passenger vehicles is 3,000-5,000 yuan, and the value of connectors for pure electric commercial vehicles is 8,000-10,000 yuan.

With the continuous advancement of automobile intelligence, in addition to the original engine management system and other equipment that require the data connection of the connector, more advanced in-vehicle entertainment systems, intelligent driving systems, etc., have an increasingly strong demand for connectors.

In 2019, the production and sales of China’s automotive connector industry were 19.58 billion and 17.55 billion, with year-on-year growth rates of -2.87% and -4.15%, respectively. The decline in growth rate was mainly affected by the automotive business cycle.

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