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7123-4123-30, 7021-9.6-21 automotive connector

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1. The development trend of the plastic products industry

1. Full competition and dislocation development coexist in the domestic plastic products industry market

The downstream field of plastic parts has a wide range, and the specific requirements are also different. Different plastic parts products have different requirements on the R&D ability, technology, production process and management level of the manufacturer.

2. The coexistence of product upgrading and industrial transfer in the domestic plastic products industry

The eastern and southern coastal industrial clusters of the domestic plastic products industry have entered the development stage of technology-driven, quality-based, and product upgrades. In the future, they will mainly assume the responsibility of technological innovation and leading industrial upgrading; the central and western regions have comparative cost advantages, and domestic plastic products The trend of industry production gradually shifting to the central and western regions is inevitable. In recent years, the average growth rate of the plastic products industry in the central and western regions has been higher than that of the eastern coastal regions, but the industrial transfer of the industry still needs to go through a longer stage.

3. The domestic plastic products industry is facing future development opportunities

In recent years, with further breakthroughs in the research of plastic materials, the material properties of modified engineering plastics have become increasingly excellent, and the application fields of plastic parts have continued to expand. Broad market development space. At the same time, the plastic products industry has gradually achieved cross-convergence in emerging industries such as smart home equipment and Internet of Things equipment. In the future, the continuous extension of the downstream application fields of the plastic products industry will further promote upstream companies to continue to develop new products to adapt to market development, and thus promote the industry to usher in greater development opportunities.

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